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February 2019
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 theLWMplayer Test Results

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PostSubject: theLWMplayer Test Results   Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:40 pm

Duel 10/10 Spectacular duel plus 5 he won one

Deck build 10/10 T.G not often used but really good cards

Rulings 8/10 Knew exactly what he was dooing messed up twice with reulings

Skills 10/10 Superb

Reaction 6/10 Wasnt so quick with timing

Concentration 10/10 took full advantage of his cards effects to keep good draw power

Attitude 10/10 Good sportsmanship nd polite

Ruling 10/10 Knew all the rulings for card that i summoned i threw n a a synchro that need 2 non tuners he knew immediately

Combos 5/10 not many combos but they where destructive

Control 7/10 Swarmed the field a couple of times that almost cost me the duel thank god psychic jumper and dark hole

Congrats 91 points Anubis almost Usir just a little more
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PostSubject: Re: theLWMplayer Test Results   Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:45 pm

2 points away from Usir! Dang! But I'll catch up, just wait and see!
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theLWMplayer Test Results
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